My visit to Kotha(randikhana aka brothel) No. 64, GB road, Delhi

March 13, 2010

It was 3rd march of 2010 when Darsh(fake-name) made a phone call in our hostel room’s balcony to his cousin and set a scene for paid-sex, me(Nitin_fake-name) and my college/hostel/school/hometown friend Darsh planned to fuck prostitutes at KOTHA(brothel a.k.a randikhana a.k.a whorehouse) No. 64(chausath), GB ROAD(Garstin Bastion Road a.k.a Swami Shradhanand Marg) which is the red light area of DELHI a.k.a land of pink nipples.. wow!! Two Kurukshetra University’s virgin B.Tech students in their significant 8th semester i.e job placement sem of A-graded deemed government university’s engineering college gashtiya(sluts a.k.a prostitutes a.k.a whore a.k.a randi) chodne(to fuck) pe aagye;D…We bunked the engineering-materials lecture of 2pm and left our hostel on 4th march at 1:30pm after having shitty mess meal and one-one peg of vat69scotch to Chotu ram govt. engg. college hostel of sonepat(murthal) where darsh’s cousin who was also virgin and his one experienced friend(chashmadhari) meet us, this Chashmadhari man is a regular customer of brothel No.64 which is the infamous fucking place of india …Neways so upto it was decided that me and darsh will enjoy the sluts, darsh’s cousin and chashmadhari will just accompany us. We left our mobile_phones,wallets,gold in any form and every expensive thing in there hostel’s room because chashmadhari told that pimps(dalla aka dalleh) snatch these things,so we kept necessary money, darsh and me obey chashmadhari’s every advice as we two were new customers of Kotha No. 64, GB ROAD,DELHI and were scared to be honest..We all four went to ISBT by haryana-roadways bus(choosing private vehicle may welcome troubles) and then hired auto_rickshaw to GB road,the auto’s driver gave strange smile after listening to our’s destination and signalled us to sit inside after lil bit bargaining,we reached the legendary road i.e GB road at 9pm+, weird dressed people_garbage stucked everywhere_foolish smell_rickshaw-pullers_pimps_beggers_hardware shops_dhabas..sluts in sarees,tight salwar-kameez, in seducing top-lowers were standing in balcony and attracting males on road by moving lipstick on their lips,flying kisses, clicking their eye, saying words like ‘babbu, oye chikne upar aja(dude come up)’..actually kothas(brothel) are build upon the shops, all 96 brothels on right side of the road.. We stand in front of ‘CHAUSATH’ after reading many building numerals, ” dallo aur jeb katro se sawdhan”(be aware of pick-pocketers and pimps) slogans on brothel walls, in between many pimps came to us and said “want good chicks, follow me”, some pimps were aggressive but we said a big NO to all, one pimp came to me and said “sahab aao maal dikhata hu” ..i said “nahi”.. he again asked, said “dekhne k paise nhi lagte” and i neglected. he lightly hold my hand, damn in surprise rebuked n i said “bhenke lode madrchod gand fad duga bhag yha se rndwe” he walked back while saying”dekhta hu” ..damnshit..! I cant see single policeman on road..! I was feeling excitation,frustration and also fear of cops,but everyone told it is nearly a legal brothel and cops raid are just to control girls trafficking, and police dont do anthing to customers and as we are above 18yr old.  even delhi govt. provide free graded condoms but i still have fear and darsh was also completely screwed. Fucking was a primary task but I want to see how this famous road’s brothels works so well with least disputes in a country like India, how sluts live and full enviroment of legal brothel..  I puffed a 84mm marlboro-regular cigarette and said “lets hit the bitchess in this ancient land of pink nipples” .we entered the kotha 64 by dark stairs with foolish smell coming strong, but in the brothel’s 1st floor lobby, good room freshner smell with strange feelings were still coming,i told darsh that im not interested to do and he also claimed it..We see whores were taking their individual sexually-frustrated customers in their rooms, some young guys chatting flirting negotiating rates with sluts, pimps(dalleh) were making conversations btw customers and sluts, some guys were in confusion whether to go for it or not. brothel principal/manager( known as madam who is Former prostitute aged nealy 45.) controlling sluts with love/shouts.  Customers were in a age group from 16age to upto 55yr uncles..Same story in all four floors but it was surprise that kotha 64 is a very clean tidy crowdy four floors (including ground floor) place, sweeper work hard there i seen two guys Lmao.. on each floor almost 40 sluts.. prostitutes, pimps were friendly, prostitutes do everything to attract us by kisses,touching our real-thing(dick aka penis aka lund),holding us in there arms,saying sweet words chatting on any topic,feeding grapes in our mouth,giving jerks with their hips..Now my heartbeat became normal and I started feeling good,my nerves in control but exicitement now erupts fully.. The prostitutes were from north east india and from nepal,it was difficult to differentiate;P.. I didnt like any slut on three floors, some sluts were above 40, some young but ugly, the age group of prostitutes were from 14-40+ aunties..that thing annoyed me why minor girls working, as per my knowledge, in india, the minimum age to work as prostitute is ’18’. where are the ngo/police force???!!!. Anyways on 4th floor liked a nepali gal,her name on her right arm tagged ‘Simi’ enclosed in heart tattoo..She was the only slut not attracting customers,just standing still, chatting with her mates, I think she knows about her beauty…Chashmadhari and me went to her and I said “one trip(one_shot i.e orgasm)”.. she asked “250bucks”, she was so pretty decent that I said “300 for u darling, keep 50rs (bakshish a.k.a tip) for u.”,she smiled and said “will i ??” I nodded n she said before work huh smiled and went to pimp sitting on reception,then she came to me and said “i will take to you room in next half hour” n she sit on my legs, ‘mera to abhi se khada hone lg gya’(my dick making a near to 90degree angle) hehe.. neways famous bollywood songs like “kajrare  kajrare tere kaale kaale nayna” were buzzing there, we also seen a room where ‘mujra’ was going and uncles were flooding money on the dancers. I Lied to simmi that “i started loving u in first sight,she smiled but i said “im serious”, she smiled n clicked ma cheeks wid her fingers n started chattin’ with her mates then she gone downstairs, i made a lie because if u behave good with sluts then they give u nice sex moments, in another nearly 15minutes she was Moving here n there,managing her customers for night,in between darsh got screwed,fear straight on his face, uski buri tarah fati hui thi and he denied to fuck any, finally room was free, Simi again came to me hold my hand and we went in a room with ceiling fan in addition to exhaust fan running,tubelight glowing, seducing posters on old painted wall of paris hilton,jolie,some abroad fully naked gals and that  bollywood actress rekha,katrina..I thought why she not turning off lights,i had a fear of production of porn film but i didnt say anything as my brain not working up (i thought if my junior college guys downloading/exchanging/watching my sex clip on their laptopz lol so crazy feelings). she asked me “what u do?” while removing her black plain sleveless short Tshirt and same color denim jeans (she was looking like any dangereous gorgeous killer trying to be friendly, i rememeber the movie in which madonna stucks knife on pathner after handcuffing him with wooden bed supports while having sex:-X) I was just concentrating on her lovely fair shaped boobs smooth sparky pink nipples, her deep round navel, vagina was awesome my dick viewing more then it compared to my eyes.. i said “just lovin’ u”..with a smile  travelled myself making her as a point of locus to view her catty ass… i said “i’m a student”..She said “doctor lagte ho” (u look like a doctor)..I thought whether sex workers know any education except sex education:-D ..I said “B.Tech Instrumentation engineering final year ,are you interested to listen my grades”..She smiled and said “sahab jyada pade likhe jawaan{young} bhi ane lg gye haa stressing on “jawaan” with index finger touching the distance between her upper-lower lip(educated guys making way up stairs)”..I thought whether prostitutes have so much time to talk:-P., I guess whether prostitutes wear undergarments:-0..She was a fair colored gorgeous girl nearly 20years with no pimples or dull spots on her entire body,fully waxed, except just very lil bit hair in the pussy region and medium size hairs on head region hehe..she was 5.0 feet high above ground level or inch more.. 34:28:32, I guess ..I hold her belly sideways n smooched her lips but she jerked my chest backward n said ‘i dont kiss with everyone’ ..In next second, she hold my neck n we had proper lip lock for  nearly 10 seconds.. I was removing my clothes n she said “u said that u Love me then try to take me out of this place,im here with my wish as I have no money uneducated so no job” I chocked n then she snatched my shirt n said “it will be my pillow”. i removed my lucky light green playboy underwear, My AK-47 (actually its AK-88 as im 1988 born dude LMAO) came out which has bullets of sperms and attacks only female ova while dragging it through lovely hole hahaha, she started making horny voice, i want her for blowjob but she didnt as she is just sex-robot..I was just removing my socks n she said “dont remove it..Its fine honey” i smiled n thought its 4days untidy socks:p..She laid on the bed n said “come on me..Your name honey”..I started licking her pink nipple boobs and said “nitin”, kissed her navel(centre of body a.k.a nabhi),clutching her boobs(breast aka mome aka bube aka tits),dragging my lips on her stomach,loving her lips cheeks ears forehead, sucking her  lovely boobs, my penis stood up erect and i flipped her back and gave some nicey push, my dick enjoying hard with her spongy ass_’gand thukai bhut hogyi’, I signalled her n she touched it with her left hand n said heavy one, then she sheltered two condoms..

I set my condom-overed dick in her genitals(vagina aka pussy aka chut aka fudi) while laying on her frontal position body by making narrow acute angle n she crossed her legs on my back, thats the missionary position.. lips to lips contact smooching in hard motion,my left hand dragging pouching her left boob and right hand making heavy contact with fucking wooden bed while hips moving fast in forward-reverse direction propotional to my feelings and her voice, her both arms in backward position in air or some time touching my shoulders in sex-sex motion haha  pink pussy made my dick so glad, the game of inside-out is so crazy. My dick was running like ferrari enzo, i felt that my dick feels the 2nd sem & 7th sem subject fluid mechanics-thermodynamics & industrial instrumentation, my dick just like an control valve which gets pressurised by my balls(testis) here comes transducer that converts variations(force of sexual feeling) in a physical quantity(sperms) and my Heart acts like SIEMENS-S500 PLC controls my sexual feeling TO OPEN control valve(dick). But Simi said “you hurting me, Do slowly” anger i said, “i want my money’s worth, should i stop Say?”..Simi said “ok go hard more hard”..Actually now it was my frustration that was coming out..It was frustration that why there is an element of uncertainity in legality of Indian brothels, it was frustration that why my college females not sexy and so i didnt have a gf in college, it was frustration to have a hometown girl friend_every weekend screwed up while going home, it was frustration even in government engineering college,i didnt got incampus placement N 8th sem near to end, it was frustration of being screwed up by professors in 4years as im in deemed college so everything in professors hand, they can flunk any student in any subject and I suffer a lot due to my bad relationships with them_ that fucking frustration came out in nearly 40jerks in her fucked vagina..I dont know why my dick was punishing her pussy, i dont know why my lips punishing her fair classy tits, i was mentally depressed that time and i accept it…. in next minutes sperms ejaculated and game over!!..I thought of great philospher freud’s wordings “if you didnt lose virginty upto 24age then you are a Loser” … I’M 21 years old, I thought that I have done one task in life before deadline with perfection ;D.. nearly 30minutes with her were fucking cool.. She removed condoms n cleaned my real thing with cotton, i said let me view ya p.u.s.s.y, i was viewing it like a cctv and she said “pls leave,my customers waiting,my pimp will thrash me”.. i said “ok” and i wored my clothes n said “can i come next time dear” i spelled two times n no answer..I thought wow i finished my task n so no gud words..I was just thinkin n she said “if u love me then y u fucked me haa”.. she wored her clothes, opened the door and her next customer came in, I want to say “how you think that I will love a prostitute” but even prostitute is a girl so i have no right to hurt her..I have no words n left the room puffing another marlboro….

yeah i enjoyed with simi but here the sluts will not make sex postures for u, i dont think they know any more sex position other then missionary position, if they know they will not do for you, they are really busy as brothel is full of customers so they cant entertain everyone with good mood, gb brothel is not the place for right awesome sex,its just the hell place to take your sex frustration out, thats it!! I always had oral sex with my two girl freinds as i hate to put my penis in their vagina as i dont want that they turn more senti and i dont want the pressure of marriage, so i just want to fuck a prostitute to have a good full fuck experience and want to turn off my sexual frustration but it was wrong..jaise muth marne se banda bore nhi hota waise hi randiya chodne se bore na hota banda hahaha….

We came back to darsh’s cousin hostel room same night and made fun of darsh’s screwedness while drinking desi-hayward 5k beer cans…. I Losed virginity in march. .I Losed many incampus-offcampus job placement rounds. But its life, remember it changes yo!! Finally i got an incampus job offe.

While writing this blog, i’m just feeling to puke, gb road is a sin road, girls are just piece of meat at gb brothels, young girl’s life is fully destroyed here.. Girls just slaves of customers, pimps and brothel owners..Its painful to see the atmosphere of gb brothel_sad,melancholy,sorrowful,woebegone,desolate_these adjectives are short to describe what I feel for girls at brothel who are turned to sex workers….

ADVICES/WARNINGS/FACTS: 1. DONT CARRY MOBILE PHONES, WALLETS, GOLD OR ANY OTHER EXPENSIVE THING..PIMPS CAN LOOT YOU. HAVE NECESSARY MONEY, THATS ALL. 2. I want to tell you all that police raids are stucked in this red light area but these raids are to catch the pimps who do girls trafficking, so customers feel safe and enjoy sex!!! 3. there are 96 brothels in gb road…. 64, 50(indian ‘n’ nepali gals both) are best, clean and safe brothels. 4. 250bucks/one-shot..700bucks/night (inr) 5. while u travelling at gb road, be aware of pick pocketers(jeb katre)… 6.dont come in words of any pimp who meet u on gb road, just straight go to any safe brothel. 7. have confidence and always go in a group of atleast 3 people….

tension free…enjoy safe sex…cheerz brothers..ek-do peg marke jana sher bnke!!..always remember,virginity is just a term,if you lose it, nothing will happen..when u dont shame to masturbate(muth marna),then why u always concerned of the fake term_virginity. PS: from the blog its clear that i had nice sex time at 64-gb. But if doing sex with prostitute is a good thing then i havent wrote fake name “nitin”..Think guyz!!!! After this event, i fucked many sluts struggling awesome chandigarh/delhi models even aN australian whore who loves blowjob more then dick’s vagina inside-out motion relation:-D……Do everything,try everything if its safe. Its life make fun drink fuck smoke travel love party!!! BUT  i want to make a point ‘fuck in lieu of bucks” should be left before marriage if you want healthy peace life. Atleast i will keep this in mind when my facebook r.status will change to ‘married’. condoms off(signing out:P)

Nitin(fake_name) NAAM ME KYA RAKHA HAI:-D
(Er. Turned Mgr. trying to be a Writer)



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