My visit to G.B. road, Delhi

My visit to Kotha No. 64, GB road, Delhi

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’twas 4th march’s morning (technically;00:30) of 2010 when Darsh (fake-name) made a phone call in our hostel room’s balcony to his cousin and set a scene for paid-sex, me (Nitin_fake-name) and my college/hostel/school/hometown friend Darsh planned to fuck prostitutes (sex workers a.k.a sluts a.k.a rand a.k.a randi a.k.a ghashti a.k.a whore) at Kotha (brothel a.k.a randiKhana a.k.a whorehouse) No. 64 (chausath), GB ROAD (Garstin Bastion Road a.k.a Swami Shradhanand Marg) which is the biggest red light area of Delhi a.k.a land of pink nipples. Wow!! Two B.Tech students stoned & drunk in their significant 8th semester i.e job-placement semester of Kurukshetra University’s in-campus A-graded engineering college gave more preference to exotica compared to career. We bunked the engineering-materials lecture (2pm) and left our hostel at 1:30pm after having shitty meal in fucking sarkari hostel’s mess and one-one 60ml peg of VAT69 to CR govt engineering college’s hostel of Murthal, Sonepat where Darsh’s cousin who was virgin and his one experienced friend (Chashmadhari) met us, this Chashmadhari man is a regular customer of brothel No. 64 which is the infamous fucking place of India. Anyways, so up to this, it was decided that me and Darsh will enjoy the sluts, Darsh’s cousin and Chashmadhari will just accompany us. We left our cell, wallet and every expensive belongings in their hostel’s room as Chashmadhari told us that pimps (dallah), gangsters and wannabe-gangsters may snatch customers belongings, so we only kept money needed for mission. Darsh and me obey Chashmadhari’s every advice as we two were new customer and were scared to be honest. Darsh was screwed so we try to convince him while having Potatoes-Onion mix Parathas & Lassi at one of the famous Dhabas of India: Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. Nothing like a Dhaba now, the owner started it on an illegal plot with just a tent, provides awesome quality food at low rates, was good place for college guys to chit chat and for travelers of every segmentation. From no permanent building to its own Dhaba’s website, facebook fan page now its kind of expensive restaurant with permanent building, mind blowing interiors, great ambiance and unmatched food quality but segmented only for mid & upper class travelers. A man don’t need an engineering and management degree to start & expand business, A degree which is a shit piece of paper is useful for those who just want to work like slaves (employee) for their lord (employer) from 09:30 to 06:30. Anyways, We all head to Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT), Kashmere Gate by Haryana-Roadways bus (choosing private vehicle may welcome troubles) and then hired auto_rickshaw to GB road, the auto’s driver gave us a strange smile after listening to destination and signalled us to sit inside after lil bit bargaining.

We reached the legendary road i.e GB road at 8pm, weird dressed people_garbage stucked everywhere_foolish smell_rickshaw-pullers_pimps_beggers_hardware, automobile spare parts & machinery shops_Sluts in sarees, tight salwar-kameez, in seducing top-lowers were standing in balcony and attracting males on road by moving lipstick on their lips, flying kisses, winking, screaming “babbu, oye chikne upar aja” (dude come up). Brothels are build upon the shops, all 96 brothels on right side of the road. We stand in front of ‘64’ after reading many building’s numerals. ” dallo aur jeb katro se sawdhan” (be aware of pick-pocketers and pimps) slogans painted on brothel’s walls. Many pimps came to us and said “want good chicks, follow me”, some pimps were aggressive but we said a big No to all, one pimp came to me and said “sahab aao maal dikhata hu” (let me show you hotties). I said “nahi” (nopes) He said “dekhne k paise nhi lagte” (pay when you are convinced) and I neglected. He lightly hold my hand, damn in surprise I rebuked and said “bhenke lode madrchod gand fad duga bhag yha se rndwe dalle” (fuck off! motherfucker or i will break your fucking ass) he took his steps backward while saying “dekhta hu” (you are on my radar). I cant see single policeman on road..! I was feeling excitation, frustration and also fear of cops but everyone told it is nearly a legal brothel and cops raids are just to control girls trafficking, and cops dont do anything to customers if you are 18 years old or above but i still have a fear and darsh was also completely screwed. I had sex many times before with girl friends and prostitutes but never-ever visited a brothel before. Even, Fucking was a primary task but I want to see how this famous road’s brothels works so well with least disputes in a country like India. I puffed a 84mm Marlboro-regular cigarette and said “lets hit the bitches in this ancient land of pink nipples”. We entered the kotha No. 64 via stairs with foolish smell still coming. I told Darsh that I’M not interested in fucking and he also claimed it. At inside, Kotha no. 64 is a nice, clean yet crowded three-floor brothel with sweet fragrance, few floor have marble flooring. We saw whores were taking their individual sexually-frustrated customers in their rooms, some young guys chatting flirting negotiating rates with sluts, pimps were making conversations between customers and sluts, some guys were in confusion whether to go for it or not. Brothel principal/manager (known as madam who is Former prostitute aged nearly 45) controlling sluts with love & shouts. Customers were in a age group from 16 to up to 65yr. Same story at all floors, On each floor there were almost 40 sluts. Prostitutes and pimps were friendly, prostitutes do everything to attract us by kisses, touching our real-thing (dick aka penis aka lund aka loda), holding us in their arms, saying sweet words (babbu) chatting on any topic, feeding grapes in our mouth, giving jerks with their hips..Now my heartbeat became normal and I started feeling good, my nerves in control but lil sweet adrenaline on its way. The prostitutes were from north east India and from Nepal, it was difficult to differentiate. I didnt liked any slut on three floors, some sluts were above 40, some young but ugly (beauty lies in eyes of person who is watching lol), the age group of prostitutes were from 16-40+, that thing annoyed me why minor girls are working because as per my knowledge, in India, the minimum age to work as prostitute is ’18’. where are the NGO/Police force? Finally, on 3rd floor, liked a Nepali girl, her name tagged on her right arm ‘Simi’ enclosed in heart tattoo, She was the only slut not attracting customers, just standing still, chatting with her mates, I think she knows about her beauty. Chashmadhari and me went to her and I said “one trip (one_shot i.e orgasm)”. She asked “250bucks”, she was so pretty decent that I said “300 for you darling, keep 50rs (bakshish a.k.a tip) for you.”, she smiled and said “Will I keep tip before show?” I nodded n she went to pimp sitting on reception and then she came to me and said “I will take to you room in next half hour” and she sat on my legs, ‘mera to abhi se khada hone lg gya’ (my dick making a near to 45 degree angle). Famous bollywood songs like “kajrare kajrare tere kaale kaale nayna” (Your kohl-lined black eyes) were buzzing there, we also seen a room where ‘mujra’ was going and uncles were flooding money on the dancers. I Lied to simmi that “I started loving you’’ she smiled but I said “I am serious”, she smiled and clicked my cheeks with her fingers and then started chattin’ with her mates then she went downstairs, I made a lie because if you behave good with sluts then they give you nice sex moments, in another nearly 15 minutes she was moving here and there, managing her customers for night, in between Darsh got screwed and he denied to fuck any.

Finally, one room got vacant. Simi came to me hold my hand and we went in a 6 X 3 room with ceiling fan in addition to exhaust fan running, tubelight glowing, seducing posters on old painted wall of Paris Hilton, Jolie, Rekha, Katrina and some half-naked porn stars. I thought why she is not turning the lights off, I had a fear of production of porn film but i didnt say anything as my brain not working up (I thought if my junior college guys downloading/exchanging/watching my sex clip on their laptop lol so crazy feelings). She asked me “What u do?” while removing her black plain Tshirt and same color denim jeans (she was looking like any dangereous gorgeous killer trying to be friendly, I remember the movie in which madonna stucks knife on her partner after handcuffing him with wooden bed’s pillar during sex). I was just concentrating on her lovely fair DD shaped boobs (tits aka mome aka bube aka breast aka cups), smooth sparky pink nipples (chuche), her deep round navel (nabhi aka belly-button), pink pussy (chut aka vagina) was so awesome that my devilish dick viewing it more compared to my eyes. I said “just loving you” while making myself travelled, making her as a point of locus to view her catty ass (gand). I said “im a student”. She said “doctor lagte ho” (you look like a doctor). I thought whether sex workers know any education except sex education. I said “B.Tech final year, are you interested in my engineering grades/cgpa?”. She smiled and said “sahab jyada pade likhe jawaan bhi ane lg gye” (young educated fellows making their way to shitty brothels) stressing on word “jawaan” with index finger touching the space in between her upper & lower lip. I thought, whether prostitutes have so much time to talk? She was a fair gorgeous girl nearly 20-22 years with no pimples or dull spots on her entire body, fully waxed except just very lil bit pubic hair and medium size hairs on head region touching till her shoulders. She was 5’0″ feet high above ground level or inch more, Vitals 34:28:34, I guess! I hold her belly sideways and kissed her lips but she jerked my chest backward and said ‘I dont kiss with everyone’, In next second, she hold my neck and we had proper lip lock for nearly 5 seconds. I was removing my clothes, she said “you said that you Love me then try to take me out of this place, I am here with my wish as I have no money;uneducated so no job”. I chocked, she snatched my shirt and said “it will be my pillow”. I removed my lucky light green playboy underwear, My AK-47 (penis) came out which has bullets of sperms and attacks only ova while dragging it through lovely hole, I want her for blowjob but she denied as she is just pre-programmed sex-robot. I was just removing my socks and she said “dont remove it_Its fine honey”. I smiled as its 4 days untidy socks. She laid on the single-heavy wooden bed (takht posh) in frontal position and said “come on me_Your name honey”. I gave a kiss to her right pink nipple and said “nitin”, clutched her cups (boobs) with my hands and rolled my nose at her forehead, down to her nose, dragged to her left cheek and kissed, released my both hands from her boobs and smooched her lips in french style while squeezing her round navel with my left hand, dragging my nose & tongue together through cleavage till navel, penetrating my index finger in her deep navel and finally sucking/kissing those beautiful boobs;my penis stood up erect as destined. I signaled her and she touched it with her left hand n said “bhari hai” (heavy one), then she sheltered two condoms (nirodh). I set my condom-protected dick in her genitals while laying on her by making narrow acute angle and she crossed her legs on my back, that’s one kind of missionary position. Lips to lips, my left hand dragging pouching her left boob and right hand making heavy contact with fucking wooden bed while hips moving fast in forward-reverse direction proportional to my feelings and her voice, her both arms in air or some time touching my shoulders in sex-sex motion, Pink pussy made my dick so glad, the game of inside-out is so crazy. My dick was running like Ferrari Enzo, my dick felt like subject_fluid mechanics & industrial instrumentation, My dick just like an control valve which gets pressurized by my balls (testis aka tatte), here comes the transducer (blood) that converts variations (force of sexual feeling) in a mechanical motion (dick stood up) and my Heart acts like Programmable logic controller (PLC) which controls my sexual feeling TO OPEN control valve (dick). But Simi said “you are hurting me, Do slowly”, in anger I said, “I want my money’s worth”. Simi replied angrily “ok!! go hard more hard”. Actually, Now it was my frustration that was coming out. It was frustration that why there is an element of uncertainty in legality of Indian brothels, it was frustration that why my college females are not sexy as its government engineering college and let me tell you readers that beauty of girls is inversely proportional to their intelligence so that’s why you don’t find hot girls in IIT/NIT, it was frustration to have a 60km away girl friend_every weekend screwed up while traveling, it was frustration that even in government engineering college, I didn’t got in campus placement with 8th semester near to end, it was frustration of being screwed up by professors in 4 years as I’m in deemed college so everything in professors hand, they can flunk any student in any subject and I suffer a lot due to my bad relationships with them_that fucking frustration came out in her fucked vagina. I dont know why my dick was punishing her pulchritudinous yet slutty pussy, I dont know why my lips punishing her fair classy tits, I was mentally depressed that time and i accept it. Sperms ejaculated and game over!! Nearly 20 minutes with Simi were super-fucking-cool. She guaran-fucking-teed that her customer gets full worth for which he paid for.  She removed condoms and cleaned my penis with cotton and said “my customers are waiting, pls leave or my pimp will thrash me”. I wore my clothes and said “can I come next time dear”. She said “if you love me then why you fucked me?”. She wore just her Tshirt & panty, opened the door and her next customer came in. I want to say “how you thought that I will love a prostitute?” but I dont want to hurt her as sluts too do have a heart. I left the room puffing another Marlboro.

We came back to Darsh’s cousin’s hostel same night and made fun of him while drinking Hayward 5k beer.

I fucked the slut in march_I fucked many in campus-off campus job placement rounds. But its life, remember it changes yo!! Finally i got a job offer from a world’s famous steel company. Truth & knowledge have no importance in any interview…there is only “perception” of interviewer with which he/she interprets your statement. different people different perception, its impossible for you to synchronize with a stranger in short time.

Real Truth of GB Road’s Brothel:-

There is a shop on the ground floor and function normally, all the fun takes place up stairs. A little bit bad in the entrance surrounding bad fragrance but from inside, Kotha No. 64 is just about okay!! Yes it is kind of clean, nice fragrance, but you may find little crap like used condoms, small pieces of cloth with semen, condom packaging, saliva & pan etc. on floor and in rooms. There are sweepers who work really hard to keep the floors clean and tidy. Rooms are 6 X 3, and are not so clean just manageable with old painted walls, a single heavy-wooden bed (takht posh) with old-hard mattress with used bed-sheet.

Here the sluts will not make postures for you, I don’t think that they know any sex position other than missionary position, if they know then they will not do for you as they are really busy because brothel is full of customers so they cant entertain everyone with good mood and their pimp & brothel’s owner thrash them if they give more time to any customer. GB Road’s brothel are not the right place for right awesome sex, its just the hell place to take out your sex frustration. G.B. Road’s brothel is famous for one-shot sex (15 minutes maximum stay), there is no time for cuddling or sleeping it’s all like fuck me quickly and then get the hell out of here. (If you are lucky like me and get a good slut and if you play right tricks may give you 25 minutes maximum stay involving cuddling & sweet sex)

While writing this blog, I’m just feeling to puke. GB road is a sin road, girls are just treated like piece of meat at brothels, young girl life is fully destroyed here. Girls are slaves of customers, pimps and brothel’s owners..its painful to see the atmosphere of GB Road’s brothel_sad, melancholy, sorrowful, woebegone and desolate, these adjectives are short to describe what I feel for girls at brothel who are turned into pre-programmed robots i.e sex workers.

How does the system work?

You enter the Kotha No. 64 by stairs, trace the most beautiful slut on any floor, You approach that beautiful prostitute talk to her, get her to agree and hand over the money to her, she in turn goes to a cash counter (reception) and buys a token (parchi) and this gives an access to a room with your prostitute.


  1. Don’t carry any expensive belonging as pimps, small gangsters can snatch your belonging. Carry necessary money.
  2. Police raids are carried in this red light area but these raids are to catch the pimps & brothel owners who do girls trafficking, so 18+ customers feel safe and enjoy sex!
  3. There are 96 brothels in GB road. Kotha no. 64, 50, 56 & 57 (Indian ‘n’ Nepali gals both) are best, clean and safe brothels.
  4. 250 INR/one-shot_Best & safe time to visit 7:00pm-9:00pm. (As the shops gets close before 9pm, and gb road becomes a lonely, desolate and unsafe place. Also, for one shot, you get the best deal before 9pm, because after it, booking starts for two hours and night slots)
  5. Don’t spend night at GB road’s brothel (My advice_take it or leave it)
  6. While you are traveling at GB road, be aware of pick pocketers.
  7. Dont come in words of any pimp on gb road, just straight go to any safe brothel. Although prostitution is lawful in a red light area in India, Pimping (dallali) is still completely illegal so you could go to jail if you are caught dealing with a Pimp.
  8. Have confidence and always go in a group of at least 3 people.
  9. Give a tip of 50 INR to prostitute before sex-show in room where pimp cant see her. She will entertain you in better way.
  10. Never take personal vehicle to GB road as the area is full of thieves.

How to reach GB road’s brothels:-

Just catch the metro from your nearest metro station and deboard at New Delhi metro station and then exit from the Ajmeri gate (Gate No. 3). Ask any of the rickshaw-walla for G.B road and you can reach there in 10min (2km @ 20 INR)

HISTORY of G.B. Road’s Brothels:-

G.B. Road (Garstin Bastion Road) is a road from Ajmeri Gate to Lahori Gate in Delhi, India, parallel to the railway lines. G.B. Road is the fifth largest red-light district in Delhi, India. It is an area with several hundred multi-story Brothels and estimate over 1000 sex workers. It is lined with two or three-storey buildings that have shops on ground floor. It is the biggest red light area in Delhi. The road’s name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg in 1966.

The G.B. road is famous as a market for machinery, automobile parts, hardware and tools and is the largest market for these items in the National Capital Region. The road is crowded with vehicles and persons during the day as it is a commercial area. About twenty buildings have about 96 brothels on the first floor that comes alive at night after the shops at ground level close.

The history of G.B. Road can be dated back to Mughal era. It is said that there were total five red light areas or kothas (brothels) in Delhi at that time. Then came the British era when a British collector consolidated all the five kothas in one area on this road. The old city of Delhi, Shahajahanabad, was surrounded by a wall. The wall had many gates and bastions. A bastion is an angular structure projecting outward from the curtain wall of an artillery fortification. It is called “Burj” in Hindi and Urdu. One such burj or bastion was named after a British officer (Garstin) of East India Company thus the name camed Garstin Bastion Road (GB road).


I wish that I am entertaining all my readers with my real experience. Pls comment and hit ‘vote’. I see that people are talking shit, giving their contact numbers and email ids in comment box and planning with strangers for a visit to GB road’s brothels. Pls stop dont be a loser and treat sex as just like any other emotion. Don’t be mad and desperate. I wrote this article just to tell you all what’s the real story at GB road’s brothel but some of you comment like i wrote a porn blog. Just comment if you like my post or have some suggestions for me. Also, I see people commenting to know my real name, education status, relationship status, and about my professional life. I quit my engineering job to pursue MBA-Marketing. Now I am working as an assistant manager in a Multi National Company. I am committed and the best thing is that she don’t know about this blog. My name starts with ‘N’ and ends with ‘H’, My surname starts with ‘D’ and ends with ‘N’ thats only i can tell even i want to disclose my own identity but this world majorly India is a land of hypocrites as everyone wants to have sex and engage in ethical/unethical sexual activity but if one talks/writes about sex then its considered to be a sin and may harm him personally & professionally.

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