My visit to GB road, Delhi

My visit to Kotha No. 64, GB road, Delhi

It was 3rd march of 2010 when Darsh (fake-name) made a phone call in our hostel room’s balcony to his cousin and set a scene for paid-sex, me (Nitin_fake-name) and my college/hostel/school/hometown friend Darsh planned to fuck prostitutes at KOTHA(brothel a.k.a randikhana a.k.a whorehouse) No. 64(chausath), GB ROAD(Garstin Bastion Road a.k.a Swami Shradhanand Marg) which is the red light area of DELHI a.k.a land of pink nipples.. wow!! Two B.Tech students in their significant 8th semester i.e job placement sem of A-graded deemed government university’s engineering college gashtiya(sluts a.k.a prostitutes a.k.a whore a.k.a randi) chodne(fuck) pe aagye;D…We bunked the engineering-materials lecture of 2pm and left our hostel on 4th march at 1:30pm after having shitty meal in fucking sarkari hostel’s mess and one-one 60ml peg of VAT69 to Chotu ram govt. engg. college hostel of sonepat (murthal) where darsh’s cousin who was virgin and his one experienced friend (chashmadhari) met us, this Chashmadhari man is a regular customer of brothel No.64 which is the infamous fucking place of India..Anyways, so upto it was decided that me and darsh will enjoy the sluts, darsh’s cousin and chashmadhari will just accompany us. We left our cell, wallet and every expensive thing in there hostel’s room because chashmadhari told that pimps(dalla aka dalleh) may loot customers snatch, so we only kept money needed for mission.. Darsh and me obey chashmadharis every advice as we two were new customer and were scared to be honest..We all four went to ISBT, Kashmere Gate by Haryana-Roadways bus (choosing private vehicle may welcome troubles) and then hired auto_rickshaw to GB road, the auto’s driver gave us a strange smile after listening to destination and signalled us to sit inside after lil bit bargaining..

We reached the legendary road i.e GB road at 9pm, weird dressed people_garbage stucked everywhere_foolish smell_rickshaw-pullers_pimps_beggers_hardware shops_dhabas..sluts in sarees, tight salwar-kameez, in seducing top-lowers were standing in balcony and attracting males on road by moving lipstick on their lips, flying kisses, winking, spitting ‘babbu, oye chikne upar aja(dude come up)’..actually brothels are build upon the shops, all 96 brothels on right side of the road.. We stand in front of ‘64’ after reading many building’s numerals.. ” dallo aur jeb katro se sawdhan”(be aware of pick-pocketers and pimps) slogans on brothel walls..many pimps came to us and said “want good chicks, follow me”, some pimps were aggressive but we said a big NO to all, one pimp came to me and said “sahab aao maal dikhata hu” ..I said “nahi”.. he again asked, said “dekhne k paise nhi lagte” and I neglected. he lightly hold my hand, damn in surprise rebuked n i said “bhenke lode madrchod gand fad duga bhag yha se rndwe” he took his steps backward while saying “dekhta hu” ..damnshit..! I cant see single policeman on road..! I was feeling excitation, frustration and also fear of cops,but everyone told it is nearly a legal brothel and cops raids are just to control girls trafficking, and police dont do anything to customers if you are 18years old or above..but i still have fear and darsh was also completely screwed. Fucking was a primary task but I want to see how this famous road’s brothels works so well with least disputes in a country like India..I puffed a 84mm Marlboro-regular cigarette and said “lets hit the bitchess in this ancient land of pink nipples” .We entered the kotha 64 via stairs with foolish smell still coming..I told darsh that im not interested to do and he also claimed it..We saw whores were taking their individual sexually-frustrated customers in their rooms.. some young guys chatting flirting negotiating rates with sluts.. pimps were making conversations btw customers and sluts, some guys were in confusion whether to go for it or not. brothel principal/manager( known as madam who is Former prostitute aged nearly 45) controlling sluts with love/shouts. Customers were in a age group from 16age to upto 55yr uncles..Same story in all four floors but it was surprise that kotha 64 is a very clean tidy crowdy four floors (including ground floor) place, sweeper really work hard..on each floor almost 40 sluts.. prostitutes, pimps were friendly, prostitutes do everything to attract us by kisses, touching our real-thing(dick aka penis aka lund), holding us in their arms, saying sweet words chatting on any topic, feeding grapes in our mouth, giving jerks with their hips..Now my heartbeat became normal and I started feeling good, my nerves in control with uncontrolled positive excitement.. The prostitutes were from north east India and from Nepal, it was difficult to differentiate.. I didnt like any slut on three floors, some sluts were above 40, some young but ugly, the age group of prostitutes were from 16-40+ aunties..that thing annoyed me why minor girls working, as per my knowledge, in india, the minimum age to work as prostitute is ’18’. where are the ngo/police force???!!!. Anyways on 4th floor liked a nepali gal, her name tagged on her right arm‘Simi’enclosed in heart tattoo..She was the only slut not attracting customers, just standing still, chatting with her mates, I think she knows about her beauty..Chashmadhari and me went to her and I said “one trip( one_shot i.e orgasm)”.. she asked “250bucks”, she was so pretty decent that I said “300 for u darling, keep 50rs (bakshish a.k.a tip) for u.”,she smiled and said “will i ??” I nodded n she said ‘before work’ smiled and went to pimp sitting on reception..then she came to me and said “i will take to you room in next half hour” n she sat on my legs, ‘mera to abhi se khada hone lg gya’(my dick making a near to 90degree angle)..famous bollywood songs like “kajrare kajrare tere kaale kaale nayna” were buzzing there, we also seen a room where ‘mujra’ was going and uncles were flooding money on the dancers. I Lied to simmi that “i started loving u’’ in first sight, she smiled but i said “im serious”, she smiled n clicked my cheeks with her fingers n started chattin’ with her mates then she gone downstairs, i made a lie because if u behave good with sluts then they give u nice sex moments.. in another nearly 15minutes she was moving here and there, managing her customers for night, in between darsh got screwed,fear straight on his face, uski buri tarah fati hui thi and he denied to fuck any..

Finally, one room got vacant.. Simi again came to me hold my hand and we went in a room with ceiling fan in addition to exhaust fan running,tubelight glowing, seducing posters on old painted wall of paris hilton, jolie, some fully naked porn star and that bollywood actress rekha,katrina..I thought why she not turning off lights,i had a fear of production of porn film but i didnt say anything as my brain not working up (i thought if my junior college guys downloading/exchanging/watching my sex clip on their laptop lol so crazy feelings). she asked me “what u do?” while removing her black plain sleveless Tshirt and same color denim jeans (she was looking like any dangereous gorgeous killer trying to be friendly, i rememeber the movie in which madonna stucks knife on partner after handcuffing him with wooden bed supports during sex) I was just concentrating on her lovely fair shaped boobs smooth sparky pink nipples, her deep round navel, vagina was awesome my dick viewing more than compared to my eyes.. i said “just loving u”..travelled myself making her as a point of locus to view her catty ass… i said “im a student”..She said “doctor lagte ho” (u look like a doctor)..I thought whether sex workers know any education except sex education:-D ..I said “B.Tech final year ,are you interested to listen my grades”..She smiled and said “sahab jyada pade likhe jawaan{young} bhi ane lg gye haa stressing on “jawaan” with index finger touching the empty space between her upper-lower lip..I thought whether prostitutes have so much time to talk…She was a fair gorgeous girl nearly 20years with no pimples or dull spots on her entire body,fully waxed, except just very lil bit hair in the pussy region and medium size hairs on head region haha..she was 5.0 feet high above ground level or inch more.. 34:28:32, I guess .. I hold her belly sideways n smooched her lips but she jerked my chest backward n said ‘i dont kiss with everyone’ ..In next second, she hold my neck n we had proper lip lock for nearly 10 seconds.. I was removing my clothes n she said “u said that u Love me then try to take me out of this place,im here with my wish as I have no money uneducated so no job” I chocked n then she snatched my shirt n said “it will be my pillow”. i removed my lucky light green playboy underwear, My AK-47 (actually its AK-88 as im 1988 born) came out which has bullets of sperms and attacks only female ova while dragging it through lovely hole, she started making horny voice, i want her for blowjob but she didnt as she is just sex-robot.. I was just removing my socks n she said “dont remove it..Its fine honey” i smiled n thought its 4days untidy socks..She laid on the bed n said “come on me..Your name honey”..I started licking her pink nipple boobs and said “nitin”, kissed her navel (centre of body a.k.a nabhi),clutching her boobs(breast aka mome aka bube aka tits),dragging my lips on her stomach,loving her lips cheeks ears forehead, sucking her lovely boobs, my penis stood up erect and i flipped her back and gave some nicey push, my dick enjoying hard with her spongy ass, I signalled her n she touched it with her left hand n she said“I think that u r ready”, then she sheltered two condoms..I set my condom-protected dick in her genitals (vagina aka pussy aka chut aka fudi) while laying on her by making narrow acute angle n she crossed her legs on my back, thats the kind of missionary position.. lips to lips,my left hand dragging pouching her left boob and right hand making heavy contact with fucking wooden bed while hips moving fast in forward-reverse direction propotional to my feelings and her voice, her both arms in air or some time touching my shoulders in sex-sex pussy made my dick so glad, the game of inside-out is so crazy. My dick was running like ferrari enzo, i felt that my dick feels like 7th sem’s subject fluid mechanics-thermodynamics & industrial instrumentation, my dick just like an control valve which gets pressurised by my balls(testis) here comes transducer that converts variations(force of sexual feeling) in a physical quantity(sperms) and my Heart acts like SIEMENS-S500 PLC controls my sexual feeling TO OPEN control valve (dick). But Simi said “you hurting me, Do slowly” anger i said, “i want my money’s worth, should i stop Say?”..Simi got angry too and said “ok go hard more hard”..Actually now it was my frustration that was coming out..It was frustration that why there is an element of uncertainity in legality of Indian brothels, it was frustration that why my college females r not sexy and so i didnt have a gf in college, it was frustration to have a hometown girl friend_every weekend screwed up while going home, it was frustration even in government engineering college,i didnt got incampus placement_8th sem near to end, it was frustration of being screwed up by professors in 4years as im in deemed college so everything in professors hand, they can flunk any student in any subject and I suffer a lot due to my bad relationships with them_ that fucking frustration came out in nearly 40jerks in her fucked vagina..I dont know why my dick was punishing her pulchritudinous pussy, i dont know why my lips punishing her fair classy tits, i was mentally depressed that time and i accept it.. in next minutes sperms ejaculated and game over!!..I thought of great philospher freud’s wordings “if you didnt lose virginty upto 24age then you are a Loser’’ I thought that I have done one task in life before deadline with perfection when I was in class 12th.. nearly 20 minutes with her were fucking cool.. She removed condoms n cleaned my real thing with cotton, i said let me view ya p.u.s.s.y, i was viewing it like a cctv and she said “pls leave,my customers waiting,my pimp will thrash me”.. i said “ok” and i wore my clothes n said “can i come next time dear” i said twice n still no answer..I was just thinkin n she said “if u love me then y u fucked me haa”.. she wore just her tshirt n panty, opened the door and her next customer came in.. I want to say “how you think that I will love a prostitute” but even prostitute is a girl so i have no right to hurt her..I have no words n left the room puffing another marlboro….

yeah i enjoyed with simi but here the sluts will not make sex postures for u, i dont think they know any more sex position other than missionary position, if they know they will not do for you, they are really busy as brothel is full of customers so they cant entertain everyone with good mood, gb brothel is not the place for right awesome sex,its just the hell place to take your sex frustration out, thats it!!

We came back to darsh’s cousin hostel same night and made fun of darsh’s screwedness while drinking desi-hayward 5k beer.

I fucked the slut in march. .I fucked many incampus-offcampus job placement rounds. But its life, remember it changes yo!! Finally i got an incampus job offer.

While writing this blog, im just feeling to puke, gb road is a sin road, girls are just treated like piece of meat at gb brothels, young girls life is fully destroyed here.. Girls r just slaves of customers, pimps and brothel owners..Its painful to see the atmosphere of gb brothel_sad,melancholy,sorrowful,woebegone,desolate_these adjectives are short to describe what I feel for girls at brothel who are turned into robots: sex workers.

ADVICES/WARNINGS/FACTS: 1. dont carry mobile phones, wallets, gold or any other expensive thing..pimps can loot you. have necessary money, thats all. 2. police raids are stucked in this red light area but these raids are to catch the pimps who do girls trafficking, so 18+ customers feel safe and enjoy sex!!! 3. there are 96 brothels in gb road…. 64, 50(indian ‘n’ nepali gals both) are best, clean and safe brothels. 4. 250bucks/one-shot..700bucks/night (inr) 5. while u travelling at gb road, be aware of pick pocketers(jeb katre)… 6.dont come in words of any pimp on gb road, just straight go to any safe brothel. 7. have confidence and always go in a group of atleast 3 people….

tension free..enjoy safe sex..cheers brothers..ek-do peg marke jana sher bnke!!..always remember, for men, virginity is just a term,if you lose it, nothing will happen..when u dont shame to masturbate(muth marna),then why u always concerned of the fake term_virginity.

From this blog, its clear that i had nice sex time at 64-gb. But if doing sex with prostitute is a good thing then why I used fake name “nitin”..Think guyz!!!! After this event, i fucked many sluts struggling awesome chandigarh/delhi models even an australian whore who loves blowjob more then dick-vagina inside-out motion relation..Do everything,try everything if its safe. Its life make fun drink fuck smoke travel love party!!!

I wish, I am entertaining all my readers with my real experience..Pls comment and hit ‘vote’..I see,
people talking shit, giving their numbers and email ids in comment box and planning with strangers for a visit to gb road’s brothels..pls stop dont be loser..treat sex as just like any other emotion..dont be mad and desperate..I wrote this article just to tell you all whats the real story at gb road..but some of u guys comment like i wrote a porn book. Just comment if you like my post or you have some suggestions for me. Also, I see people commenting to know my real name, my education status, my relationship status, and about my professional life..well for them, my name starts with ‘N’ and ends with ‘H’..My surname starts with ‘D’ and ends with ‘N’..I quit my engineering job to pursue MBA-Marketing. Now I am working as an assistant manager in a MNC. I am committed to my girlfriend and the great thing is that she don’t know about this blog haha..!!

I wrote my first novel and will be published soon.

Thanks Readers for your support and constructive criticism.

Signing out (Condoms off:D)
Your Desi Blogger,
(Er. Turned Mgr. trying to be a Writer)

262 thoughts on “My visit to GB road, Delhi

  1. dude i read whole your story ………..n ma express nai kar pa raha tha apna experience ko bt it vs d same as urz……………….mjha toh usna dhang sa deal bi nai kia tha ..heheh little disapointed bt its k…frustation toh nikal hi gayi thi meri aur kya chahya …………ill lso say tht guys b nyc vd thm …….odrwise they also donot give a dam 2 a single person…..they hav many customers waiing for them outside……………….bt sala maza aja ta hai ya……………par bad ma socho toh u feel like puking…n like a dream……..

  2. Felt d sme
    m jst 17, in hstl, lost virginitybat 4 march (today) behen k lode dalal hrami hai

  3. yar…ajj mai gb raod gaya tha….aur vo he situation thi jo tere sath hai… walli….same yr……but i enjoyed it….and again feeling 2 go there…..its awsme place for me i think so….

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  5. it is very inspiring story to inspire every one to go there to loose virgintiy my bro….g

  6. are bhai, frustation kitna bhi ho, saala jab tak maja na liya ho, tab tak zindagy berang h.

  7. nic n real story but i never want to go gb road …………………… nooooo pay sex in my life………..respect girls…………..enjoy sex with patner not wid prostitute………think boys……mr..darsh frnd i like ur story………….

  8. kaisa maja yaar. na smooch lena allowed hai,na boobs sucking allowed hai. sirf chodo aur bahaar aa jaao. Yeh toh baimani hai.

    Anyone knows where i can find gorgeous girl/chinki girl in Gb road? Which Kothas?Any name?

  9. er. abhi tak woh ladki wahi hai n m bhi usse mila hun n right hand me heart ke andar sim likha H ……. Woh sach me bht achi h dil se m bhi engg. Kr rha hun mdu(rtk) se n 1st yr m mila tha n nite m 3 bande the n 2trip maar kr chaat me shoo rha tha n thaand ka tym tha to usssne 2xtra kamabl arrange krke mjhe bade pyaar se sulaya tha n ek pyaari si kiss bi di thi in forehead. Bht bht jayda touchy mmntz tha….. Plz dosto help her as a human being wn u vl meet dn also woh wahi simi rhegi….. Gb jatea ho bt do 1 nyc work dat ur humainty remain safe ma no. 9650013674

  10. one cals cme to me 4 advice bt dude apna fustratn. nikal lo bt galti se bhi nhn delhi ki billi ko paalana nhn nashe se bi tagdi lonelines n fustratn. ho jaegi n mind olways divert 2 dre nly. have fun

  11. Nice sharing of your experience dear.
    I just want to ask if you want to go single(i.e. alone) there than what to do or keep in mind?

  12. कोठा नम्बर 64 की एकदम सही लोकेशन क्या है ? नजदीक का लैंडमार्क क्या है . नई दिल्ली स्टेशन की साइड से जाने पर किस हाथ को पड़ता है ?



  14. yeah i agree with u yaar 64 kotha is like that only why dont u visit 57 2nd floor u will find fair chinkis who will satisfy u completely.

  15. Nice one bro. ! Read this type of an article after some long years. It was pure and good. ! Loved the way you wrote Hindi translation of those English words. Hahaha :D

    Nitin , Darsh. Who ever you are. You kept me laughing in the whole article. Haha :D

  16. awesome gut vali feeling hai in ur blog thank. i went there i was drunk it so happened one of mature pros called me i being a selfish wanted big u know but as i moved up bloody bitch tried to drag me i was with cash and gold immediately 2 more came and tried to drag me fuck yaar sari daru uttar gayi i used a lot of force pulled them a side and stared running then after coming to main road i stood in front of police wala for 5 minutes regained my cool then went for one more kotha this time i was just looking from outside but there were decent Nepali girls and one aunty called me inside out of fear i dint went just glimpsed them and came back plz guide me exactly which kotha to visit and what would be the appropriate time

  17. hi kaku , why dont u visit brothel no 57 2nd floor and 64 no , both of these are good and genuine in terms of service and security and the rate is 260 to 300 .

  18. ady thanks for the response but can u guide me how to move abt 57 2nd floor and 64 and will it be decent to visit in day time

  19. Visited GB road following guidance from your blog.Went to 64.On the first floor found aunties , so climbed upstairs reached second floor. Girls on second floor were all nepali chicks and there were some real gems.Didn’t knew what to do next, so chilled myself and looked around the room.Found one pretty nepali girl, made eye contact with her…so she approached me..and told me 300/shot..but i realized that she was worth more than one shot..asked her for one hour…and paid her 700 which was rate for one hour…she made me to sit there.And went to pay the commission to her landlord.While i was waiting there another girls tried to seduce me…one girl stood in front of me, and came so close that i could smell every inch of her…lifted her kurta on my face to show her navel…man i was really enjoying the scenario..Then my girl returned and took my hand ..accompanied me to a room…but room was busy.After 10 minutes finally room was empty.She went inside n asked me to follow n bolt the door.I was alone inside the room with her.She unzipped her clothes and threw them aside.OMG she was so sexy…pink nipples…round n big ass…nicely saved pussy.She was standing on the bed..i was standing on floor…..i hugged her…n was playing with her ass n boobs..kissed her boobies.She then asked “ek gante me kitni baar chodega” n i started wondering bcoz i was virgin….so she told “teen baar chod le” n i happily agreed.I removed my clothes…n now i was all bare before her.She started having look at my body…she was caressing my chest..n was giving naughty smile…then she said “tere sene par bal nahi hain…kab aenge”…..i replied “pata nahi”. She said “agar shave kar le to tu ek dam baccha dikhega…tere figure kitna accha hai”…i just replied with a smile.She took out a condom and fitted it on my already hard dick. Then she lied on the bed n asked me to penetrate her…i fucked her like wild animal in missionary position…she was really tight..i came after 5 minutes.She took cotton n cleaned my penis…i dragged her towards me..hugged her n started playing with her boobies.. in turn she was caressing my chest…n giving naughty smile.I asked for her name.she inquired about…. from where i belonged n what i did.Then she was ready for second round.N again missionary position…condoms on…penetrated her… started fucking her….but this time it seemed it had no end…she asked me to do it harder n faster….i was trying my best….n all this while there was knock at the door from other girls….who were asking to vacate the room…this made payal some what tempered ….she said “tu dimag kharab kar raha hai…zaldi kar”….i started thrusting with my full force….n now payal was moaning…n still i could not cum…n we were both wet with sweating….so i stopped…payal asked me to dry myself with my tshirt…”apna pet saaf karo …kandha…aur mera pet bhi ” she said with smile.Then i again started but now in some variant of missionary position….she has twisted her legs with mine n was holding me tight……i was using all my force….n she was insisting me to cum….i too wanted to cum..but i had no control over it…. i was physically exhausted…my legs, arms were quitting ..but my penis was still rock hard…so i have to stop…then there was call on the door…”payal ek ganta hone wala hai” …so payal asked me to cum fast…..i started thrusting again…..this time my position was allowing me to go deeper into her…now i was noticing her eyes….she had little black glittering eyes like babes …i was continuously passionately kissing her….applying all my force ….fucked her like that for some time….but didnt cum…but again my arms n thighs gave up…and there was continuous calling on door….so i decided to give up my try…..n decided to leave….payal asked me to stay for night…but my pocket didnt allowed me….kissed her on cheeks and promised that next time ill stay whole night….she asked when…i answered very soon…gave her tip ….which she was not accepting n saying”ye kis liye…tera kam to ek baar me hi ho gaya tha” …kissed her again n gave tip in her hand….she hugged me….then i left

  20. Hello any one want super prostitute in GB Road u go to kotha no.64 top floor and ask Naina Tamang. She is super sucker u give her 200 hundred extra then she will suck your penis.

  21. Even i went to kotha no-64….. mazze liye but i m worried right now….. man……. Aids n stds ka panga toh nahi…..cozz i m a hypochondriac……. Bt i used condom and it was der wid me till d last……thoda emotional support do yaar

  22. Hi guys even i had fun der…… gt a naplese girl in green saree……. with bful navel,kissed,hugged n fuckd…….. bt yaar mere tym pe police gt in……..n nw frends r sayin ki salle bimari lag jayegi… it true 2 get aids n stuff frm koth 64…..plzz tell me

  23. i cnt resist myself commenting on this page….
    bro u done A GREAT job.
    its so damn fucking inspiring.
    hey guys add me on fb..
    im about to visit after my b.xamx.
    im bit scard of police.
    police choki left me hi hai :(
    plz tell me ki 64 . ki xact location kaha hai???? :)

  24. i cnt resist myself commenting on this page….
    bro u done A GREAT job.
    its so damn fucking inspiring.
    hey guys add me on fb..
    im about to visit after my b.xamx.
    im bit scard of police.
    police choki left me hi hai :(
    plz tell me ki 64 . ki xact location kaha hai???? :)….
    asap add on fb :)

  25. Is it safe for a 15 yr old to go there?
    Will i be provided with a condom or do i have to take one? :P
    Aids ka toh koi dar nahi hai ? :/

  26. Nice blog, very informative and useful.
    But i want to correct one thing, in the part you said girl below 18 are not allowed in prostetution in india…
    Any girl of any age in india is not allowed in prostetution bcause it is completly illegal in India and it will take a quite good number of years to make it legal here.
    The only reason places like red light(mumbai) and GB are safe is it is INDIA. How many laws hav been followed here strictely, and it is a thing which is almost impossible to make forbidden.

  27. bhai 64 no. ka exact location batao yr mandir se kis side hai aur bahar me 64 no. likha hua hai ya nhi…….

  28. thanks broda ,, i went to basti in u.p. and police caught me and left me after taking 500 rupees. does this also happens in gb road??? wen i went basti i was 17 yrs…. now m 19 .. and how to reachh the best gals there??? plz frndss helpp//???

  29. You can see the showroom number on shops. just figerout where is number 64. you see a note on open9ing of stairs of kotha 64 (jab katro sai savdhan, Dalalo sai savdhan)

  30. Friendz I haven’t kissed a single girl till now…
    Yaar mujhe b koi company de do gb road jaane k liye..
    Life frustration se bhari hui hai…
    Mitane k liye koi to saath chalo yaar…Khub kushti krnge ladkiyon k saath..


  32. bc main 14 saal ka tha tab gya tha. ab 18 ka hoon aur 4 baar chodh ke aaya hun. Go to 64 top floor. 320 lgenge. full enjoy. bilkul model ladkiyan. gpim tomorrow again. pehli baar 1 hour ke liye krunga. .

  33. Just go to 64 first floor. I normaly go on 1st floor left side. try can go alone, i know your feel very svaired because you are going there first time. keep 400 rs with you 250 for fuck and some extra, just to feel yourself safe. if some body will robe you (which will never happen in 64) then you will loos only 400. you can mail me on friend_9215 at yahoo dot com

  34. Well Nitin,
    Nice blogging,nice part is your Frustration with fucking………………
    That part is really osame with full explanation of your college life…………..Have a fun and keep it up……

  35. Wow! This can be one particular of the most useful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Actually Magnificent. I’m also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your effort.

  36. brothers..sab wahan maje loot ke aye ho,main 4th year btech main hoon ,yahi blog padke gaya tha,,galti se glat kothe main ghus gaya..
    3 aunty ne mil ke mere 400rs loot liya,sab nashe main thi,1 ghant tak mera rape kiya… aise loose ki maine apni verginty,,main bhi 21 ka hoon.SHIT!

  37. Is it not possible to get one to come to your house instead of there
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  38. Dear all, Mein bhi gaya tha GB ROAD. condom use karne ke baad bhi STD Leker aaya.3 years tak dawali le, hospitals ke chakar lagaya.aab thek huva hu.friends plz plz avoid gb road.bahut kharab place hai.thodi der ka maaza & zindagi bhar ki saza.apna haat policy is best.sab log meri tarah kishmat wale nahi hote.aids bhi ho sakta hai. aaage aapki marji…….

  39. Wow very wonderful experiance with simi hope u will help her soon….by the way i want to talk u about something please call me at 7505728486 i hope u will call its kind of important for me …thanks

  40. hai friends.i also wanted to go and fuck a girl in room no 64.i went two times to gb road.but i could not find kotha no 64.if any body of you are going please inform that we can go together.since i am not from delhi and knows very little hindi i afraid that any pimps or local residents can cheat me.please feel free to contact email id is

  41. hai friend
    .i also wanted to go and fuck a girl in room no 64.i went two times to gb road.but i could not find kotha no 64.if any body of you are going please inform that we can go together.since i am not from delhi and knows very little hindi i afraid that any pimps or local residents can cheat me.please feel free to contact email id is

  42. hai friend.i also wanted to go and fuck a girl in room no 64.i went two times to gb road.but i could not find kotha no 64.if any body of you are going please inform that we can go together.since i am not from delhi and knows very little hindi i afraid that any pimps or local residents can cheat me.please feel free to contact email id is

  43. Hi guys,

    I am working in a home appliances company. And putted down the paper and planned to join a new company. For that new company the joining was planned on Delhi. While I heard the news itself I planned to go the GB Road. I already have a experiences in Bangalore and Mumbai. Had both good and bad expereince in both. In Bangalore once had a good fuck and another time lost mobile phone and all. In mumbai once had a good through out 1 night and next time lost money. So this time for Delhi I perfectly planned before 10 – 15 days itself started doing home work. I dont know hindi. So it’s highly difficult and am very new to delhi. I reached the first day from Chennai to Delhi around 2:30 afternoon. So I planned to go from airport itself. But I had lot of luggages. It’s unsafe to go with luggages. So I searched for a clock room in airport. Even though there is a clock room is there I could nt identify where it is. Nobody helped me in that. so to be safe first planned to go to the destination where i am going to stay. I reached a stay after 1 1/2 hour travelling in a cab and reached company guest house. After refreshment and all I started from my place. I dont know hindi and area and delhi. But I managed with my very good android phone , good maps and your experience blogs.
    After going in auto, bus, and metro train I reached the chandni chowk after some 2 hours. I cought one riksha wala to ask me take to GB road. He took nearly some 1/2 hour in the traffic area and small area.

    He showed me the kotha no 64 the greatest place. I gave some very good money to the rikshawala. I entered a Kotha No 64. In the ground floor, all are very old people nearly some 40 +. I went to 1st floor, it’s better little bit. Again i went to second floor , all are nepale chicks all are very good. and colorful. again I went to third floor the girls there are very gorgious. But lot of crowd because of sunday. Lot very beautiful girls aged around 25. In that crowd guys are squizing the girls ampit, dick and book around every where. I dont like the place even girls are good. So came down floow, second floor, left side there is not much crowd. And one girl was call everybody by showing half boobs like glamour hindi song. Even though he is little bit black. I selected her.. She was very happy and asked 300 rs a fuck. I gave the amount and asked for some water becuase of I am very thirsty. After that shel gave the amount the suprvisor there and got a token and water bottle and then went to cupboard there he took cotton cloths, condoms.
    there one small baby was placed. He played with that baby. At that time I watched all his body. Even she is black his structure is very good. Finally we got a cabin to fuck.

    It’s very small with fan and light facility. She told that if you give 700 rs more you can fuck for 1 hour. so gave it , money is not a problem to me. she was very cooperative. she is from Andhra. I also know telungu. We started to discuss in telungu. She tried to remove all the dresses. But i told just wait and I removed all my dresses on my own. And then started removing the saree and jacket and everything on my own. Inbetween the process I squized her boob, tasted her lips alot for 10 mins and inserted my finger in her whole , mouth everything. After 15 mins of pro play I started to fuck her on missionary position.

    She made very good facial expressions while I am fucking her even it is not making her that much. First fuck I started ejaculated. And then i slept in his lap and started discussing what’s her name where she is from and her family story and all and made a very good play with her. she asked to drink alcohol. I told dont take alcohols. then she asked for a second fuck can we start. I told to do blow job. But she refused. Then did the same missionary fuck nothing happed. But asked to do a doggy style. She accepted. She herself did 3 types of doggy on me.

    After finishing the second time I was very much satisfied. Got time to go . Made a tips of 100 rs and started going outside. That was a good experience.

    The next day went with full of joining formalities.Day after that day evening again I planned to go there and reached a Kotha no 64. Same building and process went up to 3rd floor. this time planned to get some white nepale chick. But nobody found good around 7 o clock while I coming down police wala 3 people cam and looked there I didnt watched them but I am very nearer to them. One police guy slapped me on back side of my head. I was stunned started running outisde and every body running over outside all guys. I came outisde went some 10 metres opp to road and watched some 100 guys coming out of the Kotha no 64 . Police people started clearing every body and then waited for some 1 hour. after slow by slow guys went to the kotha 64. So I also went inside. This time when i entered the second floor the same girl asked saw me and asked me come for a fuck. but I told I am look some other girl who is whitish. But she started shouting how much company i gave to you I will cut you penny and so so so so that. Then I though trying some body new is better than fucking her who gave a good compnay to us.

    Then I gave the same 1000 rs for 1 hour. she was happy. then went to the same room. she started asking why you are going to others I am not good or not ? like that. so compromised her after she made very good co operation with me. first fuck i made a missionary. This time she and me are more fitted because of previous experience. then playyed alot like I played with her back, whole and her nippled, ears, lips and ampits and back everything. for a second fuck I asked for blow job that day she refused . But this time she herself did a very good blowjob and I ddnt got a ejaculation. Then I asked for to do a backshot. She cooperated me very well and played alot . Finally I was very mcuh satisfied we had some beers both. She also called one girl inside secretly shared the beer. She told thanks for a beer. Again I gave a some rs 100 as a tips and she took a baby from the front side that ‘s baby of her friend. I gave some 50 to the boy. She is little bit personally.

    When ever go to Kotha no 64, go to second floor and ask Radha. She is a good coperation that others I ever seen. She is from Tirupathi , andhra. She is married and have a boy in thriupathi. she told her birthday on 3rd March and will leave this place 9th march. And for every fuck they are getting only some only rs 150 even they are earning 300. She is cute and attached to me. For next 2 ,3 days I had his remeber when ever I am touching my lips, because me crunched my lips while giving kiss. While wearing my woolen court., because her smell is still in the court.
    finally kotha no 64 is very safest, standard and good enjoying place to get out your secual frustrations and not doing crimes like a delhi incident. Thank you guys for reading this big lines and taking things. Just go and be jolly…………………

  44. yarr me aj apne bare me batatha hu ki me aj g.b road aya tha mei 9th class ka student hu and vha pr mere 2 Frnd gaye thee jo 1 (11th me tha) and 2(12 me tha)…so hum vha pr essi majee mar ne ke liye gaye thee ki g.b road kesa hotha h tho hum udher ghum rhe thee karib 7 pm shayad…so hamne bauth sare khothe dekhe only bhar – bhar se….fir mere frnds ne bola ki yarrrr chal choot mare ge, sab bhai tho me bhi vese hei excited tha so hum chalthe ghaye tho hamm bauth dalal se mile ki jo bol rha thee ki ”ajoo bas rs.300 meii chinki ki dill wau ga ”tho hum ne bauth saro ko ignore kiya fir humm confuse ho gaye thee ki kis me jaye but hamee ye nai pata tha ki no.64 ka kotha kha hai but hamne usske bare me sunna tha tho hum 1 jagah pr kr khade ho gaye tabhi 1 dalal aya aur bola ki choot dill vadu ga mast wali ajo ….tho hamne socha ki chalo yarr ab chalte…fir hum sidii mei chadd ke pauch gaye …vha 1 room mei humee le gaye and tabhi 1 randi ayi aur usne room ka door lock kr ke boli ki choot kis ko mar ni hai tho mere frnd ne bola ki undono ko marni hai tho usne apne rate batye tho hamne bola ki phele ladki dikho fir paise de but vho boli ki phele paise tho dabhi randi dikhaugui tho hamne paise de diye rs.300 ke karib fir vho boli ki apni pocket check karo ki koi galat chizz tho nai laye fir hamne sab kuch check kar vaya diya fir jab usne mere 12th wale frnd ke wallet check kiya tho usmei karib rs.1700 tak thee tho us randi (aunty) ne rs.500 ka note apne boobs me dal diya and boli ki chalo ab jisne choot marni hai but sab bole ki apne extra rs.500 kyu le liye hai , hamme vapis karo but vho boli ki nai yha pr ittne hei lag thee hai but ham bole ki hum tho niche dalal se baat kr ke aa rhe hai ki rs.300 tak mil gaye ge but apne tho rs.500 extra le liye hai issliye hamme vapis karo but ussne nai kare fir ussne muje and mere 11th class wale frnd ko room se bhar bejzz diya , fir light bannd kar di and 12th wale ke sath sex start kar diya…but mere frnd ne sex nai kiya kyuki ussne paise loot liye thee aur vho old thi not teenage girl thi but ussne mere frnd ke cock pr condom chada kr kya – kya kiya pata nai but ye pata hai ki ussne uski choot nai mari fir jab uss randi ne light and door khol diya tha tab hamne dekha ki hamara frnd rooo rha thaa vho roo kar uss randi bol rha tha ki “aunty muje plzz rs.200 vapis kar do mummy ki dawai lani hai” but vho bauth muskil se ussne de diye and humm bus me beth kar ghar aa gaye ….so plz guys app kabhi nai kis dalal ke tarf se maat jana , hamesha no.64 ke kothe pe jana who sabse acha hai.

  45. Please me am an African is it possible to get a girl there to come to your house
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  46. today i visited…d experience was worst frnd.
    we wre 2 guy.wen to kotha 64..wen we entrd three/four pple(behen k.laure dalla) n one bitch took us n by force they locked us on a room even i tried almost to go upstairs. .but they bastrd didnt allow. .
    bitch came with a (behenchod dalla) n took our 1k buks..n asked abt f* her..i said i wud prefr die rather den sx with was ma first meetng of ma life to go red area.n we came aftr verrry frustrate mood. ..after ma argnnt c (bitch) relleased men n same happen to ma. plzz frnda tc .

  47. Very intresting , first it seems you went in thinking its some Sex paradise lol

    Towards the end you reached the ground level from a seasoned visitor

    Don’t even think about trafficking , after a few visits you only look for sex. The girl should be cooperative. Or else you complain to the pimp the girl gets thrashed after you leave lol
    Devilish no ? Hmmm
    Keep calm ask her to shut the fuck up and keep fucking next time you hear a loud knock on the door :-

  48. Hey
    How can I reach till moths no 64 or how can I understand that this is kotha no 64
    Mai frist time jana cahta hu
    Maine suna h vha ki randiya pars chin leti h or jitne rupye ho sb chhin leti h kya ye sach h plz tell me

  49. I would like to go to gb road.i am for the first time. I need a company to accompany me.
    1) Within 850rs. Can we get a girl frm afetrnoon(12) till night(7.30) ? Coz i am a littlebit afraid to visit that place in night.
    2) will they allow us suck the boobs and lick the clitoris and give a blowjob ? I hv read in other article that they will restrict us to fuck in missionary position only..
    3) do they provide us to take us girls in local hotels than this small cabin rooms..? Will they they ask extra money fr this thing ?
    4) after visiting kothas in several times . how do u feel in the crieteria of cleanliness in theirbody and dress ? (especially HIV)
    5) ther are people who don’t knw hindi properly. So language barrier is a problem talking with girls and concenrd authorities in the kotha.. Hw do we solve it ?

  50. Dude is it really safe..i hv heard pimps can lock u in a room nd torture u isnt? Nd do they hv matures i lyk fuking matures…! Really fetish!:-P

  51. Don’t they allow the girls to visit your home is it possible
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  52. No we ve to b bold..n better option is to go in group of two or more..its safe yaar….kal aaogay kya??

  53. Actually kotha no. Corresponds to shop no. Below tht brothel…means shops on ground floor n brothel on 1st floor…we v to take only nominal money nt cell phone n other expensive things….kal aaogay kya I mean sunday

  54. this engineer manager guy is genious..nice blog..u should go for professional writer career..what u think guys, its best blog i read after long time

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  56. How much is the charge and she visits your house right
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  57. Well This is To All Guys who went to gb road to have good time there with randies. I also went there several times. There are lots of nice hot chick over there. They took 300 rs for one shot that we all know. But i want to try something new. I want to lick vagina of those randies and i can pay for that also. I just want to ask that is there any harm to suck there vagina clean. Even i want her to sit on my face and make me lick her vagina and ass. Will any randy do that if i pay her even too…Please help and guide.

  58. How were you able to fuck struggling delhi/chandigarh models? and australian models? how u came in contact with them? also u had 2 gfs? and u had oral? wow thats huge.. were ur gfs hot?

  59. Hey friends what is the highest cost of most gorgious prostitute at gb road kotha no 64 ??? N at which floor the most gorgious prostitute will be available???
    I want to know that will we have to give money first then we have to choose a girl???or we first have to choose a girl then we have to pay money???

  60. In gb road there are u allowed to move out with the girl tell me please
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  61. Ya bro.i m agre with u.i have had also same experience.i was vergn nd want to remove i dnt i ws al the experience is as urs.

  62. Visited GB Road Kotha 64 again. This time went to top floor. Looked for girl.Choose one, her name was Deepika. Bolted the door ..took clothes off …she did too. Missionary position again…put condom…inserted my penis and started fucking her. I was not expecting such tight vagi in this place but she had very tight pussy. And one more thing ..she really enjoyed sex… while i was humping ..she was thrusting from below…she was moaning with pleasure. And she had orgasm…she ejaculated .Fucked in missionary position trice(Bcoz i paid for that much only) ..wanted to fuck her all night but had to leave.
    Next time again same floor, asked for Deepika…but was told that she had gone to her home.So, checked out other girls.Chose one , her name was sita.She was very cute just like doll.Bolted the door, got nude. she had a very natural and slim body. Round and firm breasts & ass.Again missionary position..she was not tight like deepika but when i wanted to french kiss her ..she allowed.Down there my dick was moving in and out & up my lips and tongue were exploring her’s.Fucked her trice in missionary and left.
    Next time same floor …place was crowded….and sita had too many offers that night… thus she was rejecting all of men asking her. So, i was looking for other options. But i thought of asking sita atleast once….so reached out to her and asked…and she readily agreed.I had a feeling that she remembered me after so many months.
    Bolted the door. Took clothes out , this time i was more playful with her. Started with a passionate kiss. She told how other men ill treated her , they scratched her…. thought her as a piece of flesh and meat. That they had paid money and can do what ever they wanted.Fucked her this time twice as could not get erection after hearing all this.Kissed her all over her body. Caressed her.Played with her hairs , eyes , tiny hands. like i was playing with a baby. I thought it was getting too intimate , which was neither good for her nor for me.She for holding my hand as if she was my gf, at that moment i decided not to visit her again. Then i left the place.
    Next time second floor…looked for girls…choose a nepali chick with huge ass and boobs…i always had fantasized this type of girl…dude her ass was like it would explode any time.She was giving me hard-on , i was getting very horny.I was thinking when she would be in the room …and when i would get to fuck her. She finally came. I asked her to remove her clothes and too off mine.She had boobs which i could barely hold with two hands. But this time too the default missionary position.Started fucking her…could not adjust to a nice angle…probably bcoz…she had a huge ass…i came too quickly . I was frustrated now…my dreams about girl with big boobs and ass had gone as i would have liked. I thought of doing it in better way…i asked her to raise her legs to her shoulder…so that i can have a better angle….but she didnt agreed…then i started looking for pillow to but under her ass…but there was no i had to fuck in same position again…and same result …this time too.. came too quickly..then i started fingering her …she was alarmed …and asked me to stop….and asked me why was i doing so…..i told her to make u…arose…it would feel good to u…so she agreed. First i started fingering her slowly . then kept on increasing the speed…as she was about to come her body was in unease….she hugged me tightly and kept kissing me….i kept fingering her… she came exploding with all her juices. And then she lied down on the bed …being exhausted.After a while i asked ..that i wanted to fuck her from behind and as expected she rejected.What i learnt from this fucking session was that…slim girls r more easy to satisfy than the big girls.As i was leaving the place i saw a girl who was saying from her eyes why her not me.So,it decided in my mind next time would be u.
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    Next time i could not find her bcoz forgot her name. So gone to top floor. Selected a girl. She was tall, had good ass-ets .
    Bolted the door, clothes off. She hav nice boobs ..muscular thighs ……came in missionary started fucking her….she kept moaning…and caressing my back….it appeared to me as if she was faking….came in her…..took break fondled her boobs and her ass . kissed her over thighs and ass.Then she asked abhi kitni bar karega…i said two…she started laughing…and said do bar khada bhi hoga….i said buddhe ka thode hai…Again missionary fucked her like previous… she kept on moaning….and i knew she was faking….took another break…and after a while i said ek bas aur….she said baap re baap….but aggreed…..i started fucking her….she kept moaning…..this time i was merciless ….kept fucking her hard….and then she came exploding ….tightened her legs and arms across me…and i kept thrusting her till there was no response from her she stopped moaning and lied on her back exhausted . She talked about from where she was. Her room and streakers she has collected in her room.She asked me if i wanted tea….it was too hot there…so i said no….put clothes on as took leave… as i was too leave i say very familiar expression from a very sexy girl there….”Her eyes were saying y didnt me and i thought in my mind next time babe”….and thus left.
    Next time searching for that girl. Saw her asked her for her fee, but she demanded much more than all other girls , in fact double the other, although she deserved that…i had not brought that much amount…so could not go with her.Came to second first floor….chose a slim girl. Bolted the room, clothes minus. She had a amazing body figure specially the boobs…not big not small perfect size, flat belly, muscular thighs, round ass….she could me a actress only if she had little more good face.Put condom….Fucked her in missionary position ,,, came in her.Played with her boobs…kissed her thighs…..she had amazing pussy too i noticed….she could easily get a job in porn if she ever tried. Came in missionary position again …inserted my dick in her pussy…started thrusting her….i could see my dick moving in and out of her vagina…..her pussy was looking so good….it was looked like her pussy was trying to eat my dick.She appeared to me very intelligent. Took my mobile and started playing video game…in fact she was playing too good, there was a newspaper , she tried to recognize all the celebrities in it.She could recognize sanjay dutt.Actresses kat, salman everyone and she appeared to be curious like small kid. She would have been be a topper had she got chance and had a good luck ,, i thought.Third time asked that i wanted it in doggy style…she said no….do i in missionary….i tried to pursue her but no use. So , third time in good old missionary ,,, started slowly …kept increasing the speed,,,,, she stared moaning and caressing my back…..her pussy was griping my dick tightly…i could feel more lubrication in her pussy…sound started coming with every thrust..chapp chapp chapp….i knew she was coming…..fucked her with all my force…till she was lying still…all exhausted …then i came too….said good bye and left the place.
    Share ur experiences.

  63. but i learnt one thing …You can’t make yourself proud by fuckin these randis…..but it is a good practise

  64. What will I do as I m not getting sex even after marriage.I m very depressed with my life.there is no fun in life. Pls advise me.

  65. thanx dude for a possbility in delhi iam a executive in company i am frequent on trips to delhi where do we get these kind of girls or aunts who pay decently and enjoys

  66. no dude not at all … even not the mobile .. there r many gandas all around who can straightaway snatch it from u as they aal move in groups …

  67. Today i go to kotha64 second floor right side there was a girl name pusy she is good looking she wear goggle she is whorstबेकार

  68. I was recently looted with Rs.8500 by two pimps and a prostitute. They gave my wallet and mobile. I tried to fight them off. But I couldn’t. I will never forget one of the pimp’s face. The next day in the evening, I was outside that same brothel with a small knife and waiting for him. I want to give multiple wounds on his tummy, but not killing him. He or the other guy didn’t show up that evening.

  69. The place is not clean. But for 300 rs is it ok. Don’t pay more just because the taxidriver wants to have too. The laydies want to have 300 rs. November 2013!

  70. First, really good post. No need to watch porn., just read your blog.. It’s like a movie. Good job!
    I would also like to visit this kotha this week or so.. Guys, as usual i am going for first time. Anyone interested please reply.

  71. Hey folks..I have gone thru a no of articles n blogs bout GB. Even ki about the girls of chauchath 3rd floor nandini, naina n few others. Don’t know whether dey r der now or not. And some experiences of my friends who got cheated by d pimps n wasted all money on some grannys!! Lol!! So wanna try once 64 no or else master kotha which is the kashmiri house/hall bhi kaha jata. Kashmiri house is 100% wid quality girls n good behaviour as I have heared. So friends if any one interested den let’s make a group n let’s go fuCK!! ( . )( . )

  72. a girl asked u for help and u didn’t help her? why didn’t u. cause she was a sex worker or because u are a namard and not man enough to help her. khada karne se koi mard nahi banata. khada to kutto ka bhi hota he. aap namard ho. apni shakal aine me dekhna ek bhot hi ganda neech insan dikhega apko.

  73. Back with my experiences at 64. After fucking many girls, i have became a player. Now i can fuck shit of any girl. Even when fucking randis at kotha 64, i make them moan, get out of control and make them cum. If u had fucked a girl at kothas, u could very well have a clear idea..what stamina is needed to make these girl….out of control. Now that i have fucked so many girls , i dont remember their names n all the incidents. So, i would write about only those which i could remember. In my earlier comment i have mentioned of a girl with huge ass…n my experience with her there. Once again i did with this girl..but this time…with much more confidence n practice. Fucked her in missionary, doggy, cowgirl see saw positions, ….n believe me…fucking her in doggy position was ultimate….she has hugeeee ass….like kim kardasian…..i kept pounding her from behind…n she kept moaning ….n making noises….now when ever i go to her….she is willing to enjoy the ride n not do it for just money. She agrees to what ever i say…. but till now had not did anal with her….n im thinking about it…..actually i never did anal to any one….so there’s some hesitation.
    Fucked two bengali girls there. As i am very fair, i have fantasy of fucking dark skinned girls. Both these bengali girls were dark skinned. First one was lean n thin but had tighest pussy…fucked her in every possible position. She is cooperative than nepali girls there. other one was sexy. Big ass, big boobs, flat belly ,i.e., very sexy figure…she had hair style like Rihanna….but i think she didnt knew how sexy she was….You could just imagine….very fair boy n ultra black girl fucking….just two extremes. Fucked her for one hour…..n dont know how hour was over.First fucked her in missionary position. She was very cooperative, agreed to doggy , she herself…wanted to ride me in cowgirl position…. n she rode…enjoying herself n making me feel omg….. Sucked her boobies n all this while she kept smoching.She didnt had tighest vagina..but it was ok compared to other girls there. Would certianly see her again n want to fuck her for atleast 3 hours. Guys her name is Rani. 64 uppermost floor.
    My myth that indian n asian girls did not have pink pussy was also broken. Found a girl there who has absolutely pink pussy. But she was very childish…non cooperative…would do only in missionary position, no kissing n kept singing songs…n even asked me to sing. N when i obliged her…she was very happy. But i was very unhappy….as i paid her not the other way around . So, i decided not to pick her again. As i go there for fuck not to find singing n hugging buddy.
    Fucked a aunty in 64 , kannada , big ass big boobs….she was huge. But my all fantasies for aunties were proved mere dreams by her. First she drank beer with me…kept talking. Then just hiked her saree….put condom on my dick..n asked to do in missionary position. Although fucking her was good…she had nice pussy.. ..i had good control over her body. She smelled sweet..but as she has not removed all her clothes …i didn’t liked it….i prefer bare body. N she seemed to be in hurry, As i came …in no time..she jerked my dick with her hand….put condom on it …and asked to fuck in missionary position again….i asked her for doggy …but she didnt agreed….fucked her again her in missionary position…same result…came…Then she asked if i wanted more…i said yes..she jerked my dick….put condom on…..missionary again….total mood kill….i always had fantasied ….aunties big gaand n fucking her in doggy style….So, was not satisfied with what i got.
    This is about a girl at 64 top floor ..who always kept looking at me whenever i went there. With her looks, i could tell she wanted me but some how i never did with her. May be becoz she has not so good face….but she is tall. But this time i ignored her looks…n decided to do with her. Sex with her was ok but there was something special in her hug…she hugged me as she wanted never to leave me….neither tight nor loose…just gentle. Her voice while talking…betrayed her fondness for me…And believe me this was my best experience. I could have married this girl, if i have met her else where. But this was brothel n she was prostitute. N my conclusion to this was….marry the girl who likes u….not the girl whom u like but she likes some else.

  74. Advice to fellow first timers:

    (1)-Metro Station near GB road : New Delhi Metro. Exit from ajmeri gate exit there. Walk straight towards left after exiting from metro station. Distance 1 KM.

    (2)-Dont look for other kothas, as they may cheat u. Go straight to 64. Dont talk to anyone on road. even if he says he too is searching for kotha 64.Keep walking n dont answer to them.Check board of shops on the ground floor for the shop numbers. They all are in continous order. Example 50, 51, 52, 53, and so on. Kotha 64 is above the shop number 64, kotha 55 is above shop no. 55. And on the stairs of kotha 64 ….its written 64 on the wall. In kotha 64 , there r many floors. Top most is best. The first floor is worst …totally avoid it. There is no threat to your valuables but avoid carrying them. Don’t take any Identity card with u.

    (3)-Be polite to girls. Never argue with anyone.

    (4)-Girls would cooperate with u, when u would be polite with them.

    (5)-Avoid going after 12 at night. It is total waste of time n money. No sleep. N you would get what u could get in the morning.

    (6)- Best time to visit : 1 pm to 12 am

  75. I want to visit there.. First time.. Anyone going this weekend please let me know.. I am bit scared to go alone.

  76. i lost my virginity in pattaya thailand with middle eastern lady of 30’s. glass like like model,cant even explain the experience and all that for just 4000 rs

  77. Yaar m here at delhi…planning to loose virginity.. Can u help me out. Can u tell me bro how much I should pay at kotha no 64

  78. I have being to gb road kotha no.64 yesterday… Its exactly the same as described above..1st all olf amd fat aunties….not so young crowd at 2 nd floor…bt the top floor shines out…almost all were…nd half naked..smoking and booze were all around…whores seducing u by touching your assets… I found a sexy but a decent looking girl…i taked the token money..nd deposited my cellphone (yes…completely safe)… Went up through the ladder to a tiny room..u cant walk because of the low height…u need to crawl…the whore was in a hurry i suppose…she immediately unbottoned her jeans….she asked me start the race…i was amazed…i told her to open her top…by hearing dis sh charged me a hundred rupees… I hve already paid her 400… She said then put ur cock inside nd get out…she also used somr slang words…i was out…i charged her in return…aftr sometym i start fckn her in the age old fashion..i couldnt feel nything…my cock was wanndeting in an big open hole..i was frustrated…nd told leave her to get up nd take ur pussy with u and fck off…i got out crawling…my 400 was in all loss..i came down and smoked two clasic regular..nd was fckingly annoyed…
    So, my frends choose a whore carefully..because.a whore is a whore….

  79. hello guys is there any brothel in or near gaziabad if yes then give me some info bro??smooching,pressing or sucking boob is allow or nt ? hw abt da rate??????bcz i visit brothel in kolkata here i get best sex satisfacition really….

  80. aj gb road k kotha no 64 par mujhe loota
    gya ….dosto………
    agr koi delhi se h to…….mere is comment ko har
    us delhi wale tk pahuchaane mei mei hlp karo jo
    wha jata h…..mujhe aap sbhi ka sath chaaiye…..or
    iss page k admin ka bhi plz plz…..

  81. Bhai, i have never been to 64, want to go their for the first time. Koi experienced hai to saath chalo. I want to go in a group of 4 -5 people. We can meet at new delhi metro station. Please email at to make a plan.

  82. Dosto,agar koi mere sath chalna chahta h to meri id par contact kr skta h, mujhe gb road ka bahut badaa or mast experience h, I like that place to much to have enjoy of life. That is a heaven for us, really

  83. beside 64 experience, i would appreciate your work done in writing this blog bro…u described it so well that one who’ll read it will definetely visit there to fire bullets out of their gun inside the pussy of those sluts.. Soon become a writer bro.

  84. me gb road pe 16 baar ja chuka hu ….ek baar sex ke 320 rs lagte hai or full 1 hour ke 960 rs lagte hain ….sub ko bta rha hu kotha no 64 par top floor par jana…koi khatra nhi hai…. sub ladkiya achi hai…me 24 august 2014 ko last gya hu….full satisfaction milega…if u want any help then contact me on my e-mail

  85. It was awesome sir
    u should become a writer
    the way u described the whole scenario was just amazing

  86. Sir it was really fantastic!!!
    u should really become a writer
    the way u have described each and every moment seems really awesome

  87. Hello, I’d like to congratulate you for your very informative and smooth post.
    From your post, being a first-timer I have learned many things and I’m happy to tell that I’m going there in a matter of two weeks. I’d also like to hear from like-minded people and if you think we can go together, you just have to send an email with love and smile..
    Here it is …

  88. Thik hai Bhai main bi try kAr bataongA waisae tumahrae exp. Na mujhe kafi satrk kar diya ab meri tyari sab triko saae hogi aur simi ko jaroor

  89. Gyzz mai kal gya tha gb road apne yar k sath apni aur apne dst k havas mitane phle to gurgaon me club me mje liye khul ke fr vha se rat ko 2 bje apne dst k sath chal diye gb road cab me .dar to bahut tha mre me n mre dst me n hona bhe chahiye .isse phle srf laundo se suna tha gb road k bare me and hum to jare the pure raste gurgaon to gb road soch rahe the kaisa hoga kya hoga .fnly pahuche gb road me cab me humne apna mobile n purse rakha aur 750 rs le gye do logo k liye aur sath me driver ko bhe e gye taki vo kahe bhage na .56 me gye phle bar alg he nazara mla uper jate he chipak gye bc raaaaaaaaaandya (feel lete hue) randi boli chikne pure mje dungi (niche hath lagate hue ) to mai bhe (.)(.) dabate hue bla kitne lege bla 350 mai jaise dene laga sali ne cheen liye .aur mre dst k to g@#d he alg ho rahe the esa dekh ke . fnaly mudde me ata hu mza ne aya safe sex kya but no kiss no bobbs sckng. Sali bade harami the .but gyz jab mai bahar aya room se to ek ladki dekhe jo r@$d! the .kasam se vo itne pyari the k sunny leone fail hai uske samne kasam se gyz abhe bhe vo he yad are hai .vo bndi is chej k liye to the he ne .us bndi ko vakai (fursat se banaya gya tha) but kya krta .na jyada bat kr rahe the aur r@#diyo k tarah ek dum antiquity the gyzzzz bndi se dubara 3 oct ko mlne jaunga pr for no sex . Patani kya krunga uske sath ye ne pta mjhe bt usse pyr ho gya vo bhe ek tarfa (PRINKA VALA yar anmulle vla).so vha se nche ae pufff mare aur mai n mra dst srf uske bare me he sch rahe the k kash vo mil jate (pyr krne k liye )nt fr sex . Gyz yha par thoda romantic vla scene hai .shez dameeed toooooo cute yr .bus puri rat gb road se dubara apne ghar jate jate uske bare me he sch rha tha infct abhe bhe sch rha hu. So ye tha mra experience gb road ka . Savdhani :- no mob, no purse, no chains etc .mre khyl se jyada se jyada do logo k liye 800 khafi hai srf itne he lejana. Baki apki shradha .tashan to bhul k bhe mt mr dena vrna underwear bhe nasib ne hoga jate samay. Ab tak k liye itna he .fr mlnge chalte chlte

  90. Ek baar mai bhi gb road ke kotha no. 64 me gya tha par wha jane ke baad mere main part ne hi dokha de diya aur wo bilkul bhi khada ni hua mujhe samjh ni aaya aisa kyu hua, kya isme meri koi inner problem hai ya mere nervous hone ki wajah se aisa hua h
    Koi pls batao bhai aisa bhi kbhi ho jata hai kya


  92. mujhe kothe par ki ladki se.shaadi karna chahta hon use samaj mai izzat dena chahta hon aged vo gande kam karna chhod de

  93. Exact story bro with my girl….
    Could not come 2nd time..dint sepend the night too ;)
    I ws worried about my failure b4 reading this but feeling happy that others had also this problem :P
    Guve me some tips yar… i am falling in love wid her and nvr had gf though ;)

  94. Awesome post….
    Btw my que is regarding how did you handle yourself when it was getting intimate with d girl with baby..
    I am also seeing myself fallling in love wid her :(

  95. Hi frd kya yaro gb road janako bhi chte ho phatti bhi apki …..
    kisi frd ko jana ho to mujhe what,s app par cont kaare 9818161951..
    meri gb road ki ladkiyo se achi jan pahchan hai..56,42,,70,,aur 64 num,,,par

  96. yaaro ab mera gb road jane ka maan nahi karta kyu ki
    64 wali mrei bandi ek kalkatta ke sona gachi chali gayi
    aur dusari wali pune chali gayi … me bhaut hi upset ho gaya hu
    ab mene waha jana chod diya hai … me un dono bandiyo ko
    bhat hi miss karta hu…

  97. hi frd mene kai frenddo ko comant ho padha aur kai frd
    gb raod ke ladkiyo se pyar karne lagte hai aur kai unse saadi karna chate hai me ek sachi bat bat o wo sali Randi hai wo sali kisi se pyar nahi karti wo sirf dikwha karti hai wo sirf ham se khel ti hai
    mene bhi waha pyar kar ke dhokha khya hai ….. jis me chta th
    wo mujhe waha se phone larti thi aur pyar wali bate kiya karti thi
    ek hafte me 3 night lagata th 64no.. par oske sath waha ki
    sari kadkiya mujhe achi tarha se janti hai……aur ek din kya
    hua wo mujhe chod kar pune chali gayi yaaro ….ab samaj
    sakte ho mere par kya biti ho gi ……..
    ab mene gb jana chod diya hai bhaiyo……….than I request u
    waha kabhi jana to kisi se dil mat lagna… me osko kese bhulu
    plz reply me

  98. Yarr,tere story itne aache hai tu ek book kyu nahi likhta. And why don’t you become our next Chetan bhagat.

  99. sir muje 18year ki ladki ke saath sax karna hai full night ka kitna karcha aye ga or 18 sal ki ladki milge ki nahi

  100. hehehehe diljalo don’t b emotional they just do business only so be a customer n fucked ol d bitches..killer…!

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